Thursday, 27 August 2015

"4 unforgetable movements in your wedding"

Wedding is the best movements of your life.  In india there are different different culture according to it wedding is also organized according to their culture.
"A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short."

4 unforgettable movements  in wedding -

Engagement - 

Engagement is just like as "promise to marry". engagement. couple is promise to each other that we love each other and we marry as soon as. This is an first movement of your marriage life that you can't forget.

Mehndi - 

This is  an another traditional in indian wedding that we called "Mehndi" pre wedding ceremony . according indian wedding. Mostaly bride can't forget this movements she takes mehndi for her husband.

Phere - 

 According to Indian wedding phere is an most important  tradition in Hindu wedding. Seven phere in wedding and in each phere they promise to each other that we'll never leave to each other. This is the best movement for all wedding's members.

Farewell (vidai) - 

Everyone dreams of getting married someday to someone . This means that after the seven pheras she takes place. During the vidai ceremony the bride is accompanied by her parents and associates, which lead her outside the doorstep of the house

Monday, 3 August 2015

Secrets to Throwing a Fantastic Wedding on a Realistic Budget !

Setting & keeping your wedding budget feels like a big hurdle but it doesn't have to be. This is your one special day you have been planning for years now so you don't want any interruptions or issues right? 
Weddings are expensive : We get it , but still there are money savers from wedding decorations to venue selection and at each & every step.

Check out our favorite tips to plan a wedding on a budget with ease:

1. Choose your venue very wisely. Look for a venue where you can perform both wedding ceremony and reception. This will not only cut the venue cost but additional cost like transportation, vendors cost etc.

2. Don't choose weekends especially Saturdays will cost you more than any other days of the week.

3.Shorten the guest list or choose destination wedding. Destination weddings minimize 20% as compared with the traditional home town celebrations as it minimize your guest list and thus the overall expenses.

4. Get a clear cost estimate of the food. Food is the essential part of any wedding ceremony so a well estimated cost on buffets or plated meals can help you to a large extent to cut of the expenses. Sometimes vendors charge more for a buffet because they're making more food then required.  Additionally, you can also choose from caterers who offers special cut off for children. 

5.Make your invitation more creative by opting for a wedding website or just go for simple cards with less cuts.
It is proved that simple black ink in the wedding card cut off the wedding expenses as compared to the colored one's.

          So, revise these simple cost efficient tips the next time you are preparing yourself for any wedding; especially on your own wedding.

Luxury Package by Wedding Planning Services

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Wedding Planner Rajasthan acquires various packages and services which allows it to have an outstanding image in Rajasthan. It provides services and packages according to customer reliability. 

Wedding planning services having various luxuries bundle that reflect its brand according to customer prerequisite.
Offer of wedding planning services package as follows:
Cordial reception 
Theme wedding 
Destination wedding 
Desert wedding 
Royal wedding 
 Indian traditional wedding   
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Meaning Of Saat Pheras In Indian Wedding

Taking the pheras merely means that going round the fireplace. Among-st Hindus it's customary for the couple obtaining married to travel round the fireplace seven times in a very slow formal walk. Sikhs walk round the Guru Adi Granth.
According to non-secular texts, it's customary to traveling the fireplace fourfold. However, several clergymen currently have it done seven times, confusing this with saptpadi, that is separate ceremony. This ceremony fulfills non secular aspects of the wedding and is symbolic of the sealed religion one or two should have in one another.

During the ceremony the couple walk round the fireplace slowly amidst chants of wedding mantras. the 2 promise that within the presence of Agnidev (the god of fire), parents, relatives and friends they're obtaining religiously sure in mutual relationship. they are saying that they're virtuously sure and shall fulfill their promise to the most effective of their talents.

This ceremony is performed before the fireplace since it symbolizes energy or Surya, the sun. Surya is that the soul of the living world and a kind of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, once one walks round the fireplace, it's symbolic of going around with God as witness. Fireplace has the potential of destroying one’s sins through burning. Therefore, wedding is conducted before the fireplace.
The couple walks right-handed. Within the initial four rounds, the bride leads and therefore the groom follows. Within the final 3, the groom leads and therefore the bride follows. The priest reads mantras throughout every spherical. At the top of every around the couple halt, repeat the Gayatri mantra, and supply prayers to the fireplace. throughout this ceremony the bride leads fourfold and therefore the groom thrice. It indicates that all told household’s matters she shall lead, since she is more matured during this sphere. In skilled or line of work fields, the person shall lead as a result of he's more matured. once each consult one another in matters relating the house and outdoors and add unison, they establish booming family along.

An Indian wedding is one amongst the foremost serious and frightened affair within the society. This can be visible from the asceticism with that it's performed. A Hindu wedding specially is all concerning rituals and customs. There are variety of them that are followed before and when wedding, creating it associate degree elaborate ceremony. Each ritual and ceremony has its own which means can't be done away with. However, the foremost necessary ones are preformed on the day of the wedding itself. One such custom is solemnizing seven vows or pheras. For additional detail, read on.

Without exaggeration, the seven vows or pheras is same to contain the crux of the observe of wedding. this can be attributed to the actual fact that love marriages performed in temple, marking the holy priest and therefore the almighty because the solely witness, solely comprises seven vows or pheras. These seven vows are the seven guarantees that the bride and therefore the groom do to every alternative for a cheerful and prosperous life. they're sure along by associate degree unseen bond protected by these promising words.

These seven vows are called Saptadi, that are performed alongside Mangal pheras, that is revolving round the sacred fireplace. Any wedding is incomplete while not these vows and is deemed complete once they're conducted. On the day of the marriage the bride and therefore the groom sit below the Mandap or the frightened cover for this ritual. The bride is sitting towards left of the groom before the pheras, whereas towards the proper when they're complete.

The Seven Vows:


You will supply Pine Tree State food and be useful in each means. I will be able to care for you and supply welfare and happiness for you and our youngsters.
I am answerable for the house and every one home responsibilities.
Together we are going to defend our house and kids.
I will be by your facet as your spirit and strength. i will be able to rejoice in your happiness. In return, you may love Pine Tree State only.
May we tend to grow moneyed and prosperous and attempt for the education of our youngsters. Could our youngsters live long.
I will love you only for the remainder of my life, as you're my husband. each alternative man in my life are secondary. I vow to stay chaste.
You have brought sanctity into my life, and have completed Pine Tree State. could we tend to be endowed noble and manipulable youngsters.
I will shower you with joy, from head to toe. i will be able to attempt to please you in each means I will.
Groom: you're my supporter, and staunchest admirer. you've got acquire my life, enriching it. God bless you.
I promise to like and care for you for as long as I live. Your happiness is my happiness, and your sorrow is my sorrow. i will be able to trust and honor you, and can attempt to meet all of your desires.
May you be crammed with joy and peace.
I will continually be by your facet.
We are currently husband and married woman, and are one. you're mine and that i am yours for eternity.
As God is witness, I’m currently your married woman. we are going to love, honor and care for one another forever.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Wedding Planning Checklist- Starts before 1 year.

Indian Wedding Planning Checklist Image 1
Your wedding proposal has taken place. Or your matchmaking has been arranged. Both you and your spouse have made a unified decision to take the next big step in life together. What will be your next course of action? Planning your wedding of course. And that’s where our Indian Wedding Planning Checklist will come in handy, and be your ultimate partner in ensuring a grand fiesta wedding is organized.
Yes, your wedding will be the first major responsibility which you and your spouse will undertake, be it with or without the help of your family and friends. The wedding venue needs to be reserved. The wedding caterer needs to be decided. Wedding photographers may need to be pre-booked months before your actual wedding. Wedding banquet chairs, tables and covers need to be rented. And the list goes on and on…

The sheer number of items alone to prepare for a wedding event may make you feel worried or uncomfortable and cause you to have thoughts that you may lose control over the state of your own wedding. Even before you begin, you may already think of the unimaginable, and fear the shame that may arise from a badly organized event.
Fret not, as we at Wedding Planner Rajasthan have compiled an Indian Wedding Planning Checklist to assist you with all your wedding preparations. The list of wedding preparation items below has been constructed chronologically to ensure sufficient time is allocated for each event item. Therefore you should have enough time for sourcing ideas, contacting your wedding service vendors, detailed discussion with your service providers and finally confirming your vendor options.
Although our Indian Wedding Planning Checklist was formulated based on a minimum one year preparation period, you can use this checklist for shorter or longer wedding preparation durations, with some smart modifications of the checklist.
For our readers who have very short preparation periods, we advise either of the following alternatives:
  1. Create an aggressive “catch-up” plan on wedding preparation items for the durations you have missed OR
  2. Hire a wedding planner like Wedding Planner Rajasthan, and you are all set to go!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Indian Weddings

Indian marriages are popular for their gleaming array of colours, traditions and cultures that make it some of the most fun marriages in the world. It is no wonder that couples from around the world consider royal land of Rajasthan as a fascinating place for the perfect Indian Wedding, as one of the top competitors on their marriage wish list. When you are looking to enjoy your marriage with a different array of beautiful traditions, enjoyment options and of course the fantastic Indian sunshine, this is the place for you.
In the age of globalization and industrialization of tourism and leisure industry, India offers a variety of unique wedding venues under its list. Wedding is the most unforgettable occasion and experience for any couple and through our skills we can organize your dream wedding in many of our places, from wonderful palaces from Jodhpur, wonderful mansions at Jaipur, Lake Resort at Udaipur or at Sun dunes at Jaisalmer. The choices are restricted only by your imagination!
Traditional Indian weddings are nothing short of a festival, filled with celebrations and colours. The marriage ceremonies are a blended mix of religious rituals, values, traditions and family. With colourful representations of our culture throughout the wedding, it is no wonder that other parts of the world find Indian weddings larger-than-life and are fascinated enough to incorporate elements of it in their weddings. Rich hues of reds, golden, oranges and greens with rich array of embroidery, zari work can make any wedding look regal and our religious traditions embody spirituality and mysticism for everyone coming from all parts of world. With family being central to everything we do including our wedding, it is truly an inspiration to everyone.
Indian cultures like the baraat are great part of wedding as well. Actually you can even opt for a large royal procession Baarat (groom’s marriage procession) with decorated elephants, horse, camel & baghi in tow! Want to say your marriage wedding vows in real exoticism of impressive proportions? Get wedded in an amazing structure in the desert! A fascinating Indian marriage allows you to reproduce the things films are made of in real techno-coloured Indian design of course! It can be as unique as you like, whether you are hosting a large number of visitors or just a romantic event with you and your love.